"Much Obliged" Letterpress Stationery - Thank You Cards

Forget regular ‘ol "Thank You cards."

This unique stationery took a collaboration of craftsman to make. They were originally designed by Roby Fitzhenry and T.S. Weaver at which point, each card was brought to life with metal typeset on an antique 1890's Chandler & Price letterpress by artisan, John Earles, of Workhorse Printmakers in Houston, TX. Every piece was meticulously hand placed and pressed, just like they did in the old days. 

10pc 5x7" set on 220 weight cotton paper - They're thick, heavy, and toothy. - Envelopes included.

Pressed with the words "MUCH OBLIGED"

Comes in either a sealed bag or wooden cigar box, tied with twine, and on top of wood shavings
*Cigar boxes vary depending on stock*


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