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Created by Travis S. Weaver, a small town guy originally from Zephyr, Texas. We're a premium general goods store and manufacturer in Texas built upon values of honesty and hard work. When you combine these two traits, you can't help but get quality service and products. We do things differently and hope you'll come pay us a visit and see why!

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Our Whiskey Soaked Beef Jerky with a bold campfire flavor is a customer favorite! There's a reason why it's the most delicious gift for giving and receiving! Try for yourself.

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Comfort Kit

Take the Edge Off

Old Fashioned Comfort Kit | Manready Mercantile

We know y’all are probably going stir crazy, so we put together this Old-Fashioned Comfort Kit to take the edge off! Its our drink of choice and when the shop is open we serve 'em on the houseWe can’t make ya one right now but we can send you everything you need to make one in the comfort and safety of your own home. Just add a bottle of your favorite whiskey!

Kit includes:

Note: Props not included. Substitutions of equal or greater value may occur when products are out of stock.